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Popped: Brightest Young Things’ temporary art space, vitaminwater uncapped LIVE, is closing tonight, and I’m glad I don’t have to worry about typing out its name correctly ever again. Tonight’s bash has DJs in three different areas of the massive, labyrinthine space, including the Nouveau Riche dudes and Cam Jus, who carries the moombahton standard regularly at Velvet Lounge’s Tropixxx dance night. The venue was an interesting experiment: That it felt like one giant advertisement was pretty gross, but I did have fun there a few times (D.C. Record Fair, dance jams from Future Times DJs, a nerd-off I participated in). I bet we’ll see more nightlife experiments like this.

In Blackest Night: The total diss of DC Comics that comes at the end of WaPo‘s Green Lantern review is amazing:

No matter how many times he’s been reimagined, Green Lantern retains a crucial flaw: He’s a DC Comics character, without the weaknesses and neuroses that make Marvel Comics heroes interesting (sometimes even on screen). What superpower does the ring give the Lantern? He can use green energy to create whatever he sees in his mind. Given that kind of dramatic blank check, the movie’s battles are sure to be anticlimactic. The Lantern is less engaging when embroiled in deep-space combat with Parallax than when doo-wopping to the Fleetwoods’ “Come Softly to Me.”

Hillyer Blues: Awesome local slowcore dudes Cigarette are kicking off The Recorder, a new music series at the Hillyer Art Space. The event is Monday from 7 to 9 p.m., which I hope doesn’t mean that The Recorder overlaps with Fort Reno all summer.

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