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In the not-so-distant future, people will express their D.C. pride not with a D.C. flag tattoo, but with a Far Out vs. Hot Dang tattoo. Maybe “FAR OUT” on one asscheek, and “HOT DANG” on the other? Yeah, that would be super nice.

Perhaps the biggest victims of hippies Always entertaining to be reminded of dozens of O.A.R. fans being arrested
“There are 20 or more characters in the book who are somewhat like a real person. You’re going to have to figure it out.” “Note to would-be musical memoirists: Get a good ghostwriter.”
Like the Tweed Ride, except people get hurt Worn Magazine: worn three times, tossed aside for love
“His playing had a liquid tenderness, a way of suspending notes in space so as to allow them to be caressed by the air around them” ”They don’t like that I say fuck.”
“What about making something where you don’t know what’s going to happen?” “I realized that it’s actually not that hard to make something that looks like something Rauschenberg has made.”
“To settle a bet involving a line from ‘Point Break,’ Kristina downloaded the full script and gave us a 25-minute rendition of the entire movie over burritos in Boston.” “If I see Holly Twyford in another play, I’m going to shoot myself in the head!”
Looks like he stuffed an entire pair of dad jeans in his breast pocket. H STREET BACHELORETTE
“The total cost of these four gourmet doughnuts: $12.50” Damien: “I dont know what jelly donuts did to me but…I just dont like them”
Ushers: unusually busy Compliance: inescapable
“In the post-Twitter and YouTube world, it’s important to provide a more intimate and interactive diva-experience.” Cliff Cash Flow: “Some of these young girls on twitter.. thinking since u a get a weave. u a diva now..lol”
“You might think of it as Silverdocs on chamomile tea, except that it also includes a bunch of inspiring speakers and even some meditation exercises to try right there at Artisphere.” “the Estonia presented here … is an overgrown forest of horrors where only the narrowest shafts of sunlight peek through. Bring the kids!”