“Just imagine, you know, if in the middle of Iron Chef, one of the chefs just picked up a knife and went at the other guy’s food.”

That’s how Ross Nover, co-host of Super Art Fight, explained the spectacle that pits comic artist against comic artist on the same canvas in a 30-minute drawing battle. The Baltimore-based team returns to D.C. this Saturday tonight at Red Palace, hoping to build a new fan base. Despite being around since 2008, Super Art Fight only debuted in D.C. a few months ago. The show sold out (“Amazing energy,” says Nover), and they packed the house with a largely new audience. But is the magic still there?

“We’ve been trying to gauge whether it was an anomaly or not,” says Nover. “We still kind of feel like the fat kid in gym—-‘everyone please like us!'”

So tomorrow, they’re bringing out the big guns. It’s gonna be “Generational Warfare,” where seasoned vets are pitted against new artists, and Burlesque dancers entertain during halftime.

As much as Nover and co-host Marty Day remind the audience that it’s mostly a game, competitors have started to take the fights more seriously. There is a championship belt at stake, here. (“An actual belt,” Nover says.)

Which means Saturday’s artists are going to have to get extra-serious about winning over a D.C. crowd well-versed in current events and pop culture. Incorporating recent news about a certain ex-Congressman is not off the table, says Nover. “There’s no such thing as a bad Weiner joke, that’s one of our mottos.”

Super Art Fight takes place at 10 p.m. June 18 at Red Palace, 1210 H St. NE. $15.