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It’s Not TV. It’s TV with Vince Gray: Mayor Vince Gray launched a monthly talk show last night. No, really, he did. The first episode of Inside One City … Conversations with DC Mayor Vincent C. Gray—geez, your honor, you’re never going to fit in the TV listings that way—focused on the District government’s “summer entertainment options.” Naturally, this gave way to a short-lived Twitter trend called #vincegrayshouseband, because every talk show needs its own Paul Schaffer. A few choice examples: Native and the Washingtonians, Executive Office of Funk, and The Deliberative Style.

Curating Soul Train: With artifacts from Soul Train due to join the collection at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture, TBD’s Sarah Godfrey makes a few curatorial choices from the long-running music show. Topping Godfrey’s list is the scramble board, a lock of Cheryl Song’s hair, and one of host Don Cornelius‘ polka-dot ties.

Next Stop on the IRT—Douchetown: It’s been two months since the Post ran Dan Koisinfamous piece about the group that gets together to talk about The New Yorker. So Monica Hesse went out and found an even more odious social club—the Fellowship of Unassimilated Manhattan Exiles. I’ll pause here fore a collective “What the fuck?” So how do members of the Fellowship lament their sub-Mason-Dixon lives? “When I’m in New York, I don’t ask people what they do for a living,” says member Emily Anthony. Oh, the horror! “There’s no cheap food here,” another one gripes. Hesse’s own D.C. quandaries include “where can you find an organic grocery store that stays open past midnight” (Fine, you can’t here) and “why is there so much Ann Taylor?” (It’s everywhere on the Upper East Side too!) “Thank God D.C. finally got a Shake Shack,” Hesse adds. Yeah, between the Shake Shack and Pinkberry, that block of Connecticut Avenue is one Lululemon Athletica short of being the Upper West Side.

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