It’s day three of Silverdocs, and we’ve got the good stuff. Here’s what you should see in Silver Spring tonight.

Page One: Inside the New York Times

“Just because you put on a fucking safari helmet and looked at some poop doesn’t give you the right to insult what we do,” says David Carr to a roomful of nogoodniks from Vice magazine early on in Page One, the much-buzzed film about The New York Times as seen through its media desk.

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Better This World

Iraq, Katrina, economic collapse—liberal activists had no shortage of legitimate reasons to flood St. Paul, Minn., in September 2008 to protest at the Republican National Convention. Showing up to create mayhem, pick a fistfight with the authorities, and launch Molotov cocktails at police cars might have been overdoing it. But that’s what Texas activists David McKay and Bradley Crowder tried to do, until their supposed mentor turned out to be an FBI snitch.

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Position Among the Stars

This story of a poor family living in the slums of Jakarta speaks to larger themes of globalization, poverty, and religion through a multi-generational, multi-faith family.

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Also opening tonight: Green Wave, The Interrupters, and Dragonslayer. See the entire slate of films on our Silverdocs homepage.