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Violence at the Carnival: As you’ve no doubt read, four people were shot—-one fatally—-not far from the Caribbean Carnival festival on Saturday in what police say was gang-related violence. There was also a separate, unrelated stabbing not far away. Prince of Petworth is heartbroken, and worries for the future of the annual event. “I’ve gone for many years and during the parade I have never felt an ounce of discomfort or fear of violence. During the parade. It is my deepest hope that this year’s troubles were an aberration. If we abandon the Caribbean Festival I personally believe we will be abandoning a piece of our soul, a piece of who we are. A piece of what makes us such a unique, amazing, and fun place to live,” he writes.

Butt Naked Praise: Silverdocs announced its winners Saturday and is continuing today with some encore screenings. In addition to the small pile of films I watched for our recent Silverdocs cover package, I caught a few screenings this weekend, and the Fischer Award goes to The Redemption of General Butt Naked, about the holy-rolling second life of one of the Liberian Civil War’s most violent and eccentric warlords. Not that it was perfect—-some of the scenes in which the former warlord confronts his victims felt a tad staged—-but as a portrait of trauma and forgiveness (personal, historical, political) and closure, it was stirring.

List Epiphanies: Arch Campbell writes the essay leading this Washington Life list of the best “Washington movies,” but in pondering what constitutes such a film, he lays tons of praise upon…North Carolina estate Biltmore? Ah yes, because it was the chief location in Being There, which is indeed a great Washington movie. The list itself also loses sight of its own parameters—-plenty of films on this list are barely Washington-related at all. (100. The Simpsons. Huh?)

Indian DIY: Really nice Mark Jenkins piece about Indian-music house shows.

Today on Arts Desk: The newest show at the Phillips. And more on Washington movies, I’m sure.