Unconvincing amateur Photoshop work ahoy!

Stand up straight! Eyes front! Suck in that gut!

Nah, totally kidding; make yourself comfortable. But hey, listen: As long as you’re already planning the next month of your life around the sixth installment of the Capital Fringe Festivall—-which previews this Friday and kicks off in earnest July 7—-why not help drive the conversation?

Fringe & Purge, the City Paper’s all-Fringe, all-the-time blog has a few openings for guerilla theater—-or, fine, even theatre—-nerds enthusiasts who can string a sentence together and would like to have at least some of their Fringe shows paid for. (Review a show for us, and you see that show plus another one gratis, is the deal.)

Sound good? Visit your nearby recruiting station and tell ’em you want to try out for the elite Fringe & Purge Action News and Commentary Squad.

The express train to Fringe glory is leaving the station—-don’t get left behind!