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Remember when a mash-up could still feel brilliant? No? Fine, so it’s hard to think of a time before the term came to evoke ill-concieved ideas, diminishing returns, and kids who go to Girl Talk shows to take E and make asses out of themselves.

Well, allow Wugazi take you back to a simpler time. Straight outta Minneapolis, Wugazi brilliantly combines local legends Fugazi with iconic hip-hop collective Wu-Tang Clan. Its been less than 24 hours since Wugazi uploaded its sole mashup, “Sleep Rules Everything Around Me,” but the tune has already garnered almost 3,000 listens on Soundcloud.

The song interweaves the beautiful piano hook from Fugazi’s “I’m So Tired” with some sick rhymes from Wu Tang’s “C.R.E.A.M.”  The result is a moving, head-nodding jam.

The page features cover art featuring the title 13 Chambers—-an, ahem, mash-up of Fugazi’s 13 Songs and Wu Tang’s Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers). Hopefully, that means there’s more to come.