Don’t Do Me Like That: On the one hand, you’ve got to sympathize with artists like Tom Petty, whose music has been borrowed by the campaigns of George W. Bush and now Michelle Bachmann. He’s asked Bachmann not to use “American Girl,” but because her campaign has been playing it at public events, he likely has no legal recourse, Chris Richards reports in today’s Post. But: What if Petty’s songs just happen to be rather conservative-friendly? “Don’t Come Around Here No More” could be an anti-immigration anthem! “Free Fallin'” could be a lament for our crippling national debt! Work with me, people…

Story Time: Tom Story explains himself to the Post. He’s starring in Pop! at Studio Theatre this July.

Politics as Usual: Virginia rapper Sketch pays tribute to Jay-Z’s debut Reasonable Doubt on the occasion of its 15th anniversary with a reworking of “Can I Live,” reports Sarah Godfrey. In related news, that same album’s “Can’t Knock the Hustle” has been tapped by Republican longshot presidential hopeful Herman Cain as a campaign anthem.

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