Q: Christian tradition or black metal band?

1. Baptism
2. Ordination
3. Liturgy
4. Bathory
5. Eucharist

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A: 2, Christian tradition; 4, black metal band; 1, 3, 5, both.

The legendarily anti-Christian black-metal scene is rife with bands named after components of the ideology they aim to destroy (sometimes literally). To get pummeled by their crushing blast beats in person, you might be tempted to fly to Scandinavia—-the home of Baptism and Eucharist—-but Brooklyn’s finest nihilistic outfit, Liturgy, is playing in D.C. tonight. The band’s music is surprisingly progressive in a typically rigid genre, and their message somehow combines affirmation alongside dark existentialism, but they are no less heavy for it. 8:30 p.m. at DC9.

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