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Your next seven days should be filled with laughter. The following could help.

Friday, July 8: Blues Brothers at Rosslyn Outdoor Film Fest
This is the best movie to watch outside, for free, in the summer—-ever. It has car chases, memorable musical numbers, blind men shooting guns, preachers doing flips, and the downfall of Illinois Nazis. Being from Chicago, I’m biased to bow down to the Blues Brothers altar. Everyone who grew up within 50 miles of Joliet who saw this film as a kid wanted to be in a band that had a mission from God. I sure as hell did. Was it worth it? That’s debatable. Will this screening be a party in a park on a Friday night? Absolutely. 8:45 p.m., free, all-ages.

Saturday, July 9: Comedy Underground at Subterranean A
Adam Friedland is a genius in training. You may not know who he is. In fact, I’d be surprised if you did. The comic, an excellent mix of stand-up and performance artist, is laying the groundwork to be the next Nick Kroll. He doesn’t perform that often and he doesn’t have to. Since he’s not honing a tight eight minutes for TV or working on a 30-minute set, but developing individual performance pieces, each appearance seems fresh. Sure, some if it doesn’t work, but the amount of ambition he puts into each gig is second to none. I’ve never seen him host so this is a great chance to find out if he’ll be able to come up with five times the amount of original material he usually delivers. 8 p.m., $5, all-ages.

Sunday, July 10: Pig Road Comedy Show at The Gibson
This is an odd one. Stand-up usually occurs in places that aren’t ideal. Yes, clubs like the Improv and Draft House do it right, but these are the exceptions. Underground showcases and open mics tend to be in bars that are just trying to drum up some business. While there’s nothing wrong with that, the environment tends to be a little off putting. This is not the case with the Gibson. In fact, this may well attract more fans of the venue than the comics. Featuring D.C.’s—-and now New York’s—-finest, Seaton Smith, this inaugural showcase at the Gibson is poised to be a step in the right direction for alt comedy, a chance to have fantastic cocktails or, if nothing else, a way to stuff yourself on delicious meats. Food at 7 p.m., comedy at 9 p.m., $22 (inclues all you can eat barbecue), 21+.

Wednesday, July 13: Carlos Mencia at DC Improv
I’m recommending this so I could play the clip at the top of this post. 8 p.m. and 10:30 p.m., $35, 21+

Thursday, July 14: Breakfast at Tiffany’s at Capitol Riverfront
I love that millions of teenagers embrace this movie without acknowledging the fact that it’s about two criminals. The last season of Glee, maybe the best show on television about being a teenager with the worst music, featured Kurt and Rachel in an homage to this classic film. They walked to Tiffany’s at daybreak, ate pastries outside, and longed for what they could not afford. A testament to the power of the little black dress, this prequel to In Cold Blood (at least to me) is a delightful romp about selling your body and working for the mob to make rent. As a bonus, look for an extremely racist parody of an Asian man played by Mickey Rooney! 8:45 p.m., free, all-ages.