Phil Adé‘s new track “Monte Carlo Dreams,” with its blatant U.S. Royalty samples, probably exists because the Maryland rapper and the D.C. rock band already had a thing goin’ on. (Click that link and watch that video, it’s kinda nice.) The original “Monte Carlo” was a “coke-kissed Fleetwood Mac-style jam” (yeah, I just quoted myself), but in the hands of Chicago-reared, DMV-based producer Sunny Norway, the song’s most useful parts (the guitar lead, especially) are excised and recycled into something glitzy. And, whereas U.S. Royalty’s lyrics were about a crazy traveling lady or something, Adé keeps his “Monte Carlo” theme a little closer to home, opting for a car metaphor, with a “454 engine roarin’.” The overall lesson: HIP-HOP TAKES WHATEVER IT WANTS. (Adé apparently has an album, A Different World, out July 19.)

FACT CHECK:  A 454-cubic-inch engine indeed was an option on the Chevrolet Monte Carlo.

SUPPLEMENTAL MATERIALS: Adé interviewed by New York’s 92.3 Now FM at the time he was recording the song. Norway interviewed on his back.

DOWNLOAD: Phil Adé “Monte Carlo Dreams” (Produced by Sunny Norway)


Photo nicked from Adé’s Facebook page.