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Annals of Outdated Clinton Jokes: After a newsstand in the Allbritton building in Rosslyn—which, oddly enough, did not sell newspapers or magazines—closed last month, it marked the likely end of Clinton-era comic postcards designed by John Lodi, TBD’s Andrew Beaujon writes. Lodi, a Dutch artist who now lives in Spain, created the postcards in the late 1990s with images of Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, and Boris Yeltsin in various states of embarrassment. “Unfortunately for John Lodi, the postcards’ artist, the 42nd president’s affair with Monica Lewinsky broke in Jan. 1998, leaving stores like Lim’s newsstand with racks of cards that have been anachronistic for 13 years,” Beaujon writes. Well, at least Jay Leno is still around to make lame, dated jokes.

Planking Is as Planking Does: TBD’s Sarah Godfrey uncovers a new track from the DMV rapper and producer X-Quiz on the phenomenon known as planking. X-Quiz finds the art of lying face-down and extremely stiffly as stupid as it sounds, so why not redefine the word as a “slang term that can mean smoking, showing off, or having sex, among other things.” The result: “We Be Plankin’ on Dem Hoes.”

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Artist Mash Notes: On its Experiment Station blog, the Phillips Collection is promoting a new tome of the collected love letters between Georgia O’Keefe and Alfred Stieglitz. Turns out My Faraway One is just the first volume of 25,000 pages of correspondence the two artists exchanged. “The book donor commented to our librarian that she found the frequency and specificity of the letters to sound almost like Twitter feeds, O’Keeffe and Stieglitz updating each other on nearly every waking moment of their days.”

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