Nacey (Courtesy Steve Espejo)

After years behind the decks, the DJs of Nouveau Riche are branching out. Coming off another edition of their popular party at the U Street Music Hall last Saturday, Gavin Holland, Steve Starks, and Nacey are also gaining favor as respected underground dance producers.

The most recent example of Nouveau Riche’s expanding imagination comes via the latest production from Nacey, aka Andrew Wallace, a Columbia, Md., native who lives in Bloomingdale. No longer content with just making electro remixes and edits, Wallace teamed up with local singer Misun on her new single “July.” His original work paints colorful, lovelorn strokes onto a pop- and house-tinged canvas of funky breaks, bright synthesizer loops, strings, and live percussion.

Misun is “an amazing vocalist who hasn’t really been discovered yet, even in D.C.,” says Wallace. “I stumbled upon a track she recorded on a laptop, and I thought she sounded like Janis Joplin. Her voice is super compelling—-it’s loaded with soul, and melodically it’s different than what you hear these days.”

“July” has already gained support from well-known DJs including Sinden and Cosmo Baker, and with an EP due out soon on Jesse Tittsworth and DJ Ayres‘ T & A label, the solid production could be a sign of even greater things to come.