In a press release today, Live Nation announced a few significant hires at the forthcoming Fillmore Silver Spring concert venue.

Predictably, the entertainment behemoth has packed the club’s staff with its own people: Justin Kujawa, former promoter at The Pageant in St. Louis, will lead the club’s booking team; Jackie Knight, a former Live Nation tour coordinator, is Junior Buyer. Erstwhile Warner Theatre Event Manager Stephanie Steele is general manager. More hires will be announced later on.

The Fillmore also announced the opening of a “preview center” around the corner from the venue at 921 Ellsworth Drive (the same location as ArtSpring). Anyone interested can walk in and get a little history lesson on the original Fillmore in San Francisco and the construction of the Silver Spring venue. My guess is they’ll leave out all the controversial stuff about its sweetheart deal with Montgomery County and the State of Maryland, the Birchmere kerfuffle, and the (dismissed) IMP lawsuit.

The venue’s opening date is still mid-September 2011; no concerts have been announced. If reading this has made you want to work for Live Nation, Fillmore will also host a job fair in early August.