1. Whole Foods bag: Starring lots of quinoa.

2. Hand sanitizer: Hummus residue.

3. iPhone: For checking the weather forecast, listening to Government Issue.

4. Fanny pack: Semi-ironic. Utile.

5. Scarf: Or keffiyeh. Whatever you’ve got.

6. Poncho: For mid-concert monsoon cancellations.

7. Granola: Probably purchased at the Takoma Park food co-op.

8. SmarTrip card: Nobody lives in Tenleytown.

9. Earplugs: For you. Massive noise-canceling headphones for your toddler.

10. Dog-shit bags: Rescued Labrador-Retriever mix.

11. Moleskines: How Hemingway tweeted.

12.  Change: Multiple runs to the Good Humor truck.