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Though frustration abounded yesterday morning, everyone unable to get Virgin Mobile FreeFest tickets during the exclusive pre-sale could at least look forward to 10 a.m. today, when tickets to the  free music festival were made available to the general public.

But for many, the technical problems on Ticketfly—-restricted access, error messages, unprocessed transactions—-happened again, leaving hordes of angry Deadmau5 fans ready to raise their weapons…of outraged Internet comments, that is! To Facebook!

Once more, however, it seems that fierce competition alone is what made the tickets so hard to get. Audrey Schaefer, spokesperson for promotional company I.M.P., says that tickets disappeared in one minute this morning. Since only a human can like Virgin Mobile Live on Facebook—-the sole requirement for securing a ticket—-Schaefer chalked it up to an “absolutely huge” demand.

You can still procure a ticket via one of two ways: Either by volunteering eight hours of time with associated charity organizations, or paying about $50, which additionally gets you some souvenirs and puts the rest of the money toward fighting youth homelessness.