Bollywood on the Potomac: The Washington Post tracks the rising popularity of Bollywood movies and Bollywood-style parties and arts in the D.C. area. Of note: There’s now one all-Bollywood movie house in Falls Church and a half-dozen theaters that regularly program Bollywood films. One important figure in both the local Bollywood film and party scenes is Manan Singh Katohora—-who, notably, is preparing to shoot a second Bollywood film in the area following his debut 9 Eleven, which is in the editing stages.

New Museum Alert: The African American Civil War Museum has its ribbon-cutting today at noon, following a weekend of activities. The new, $5 million location, 1925 Vermont Ave. NW, sits across from the African American Civil War Memorial. Bonus: Courtland Milloy devotes a column to the new museum.

Fringe Costs: Really good competing arguments on the price of Fringe tickets (up this year!). Gwydion Suilebhan says they’re too damn high. Richard Byrne says let the market decide. I say: Pay attention to Fringe & Purge this week for our definitive take on the matter.

Today on Arts Desk: Checking in on Beauty Pill. Reflecting on D-Plan at P-Fork.