An ethereal post-punk song is probably the last place one would expect to hear a slide guitar when there’s synth at hand. But there it was, right in front of me Saturday night at the Black Cat Backstage, expertly played by Deleted Scenes guitarist Dominic Campanaro on the band’s catchy new single “BedBedBedBedBed.” Celebrating the release of its new EP, the band was clearly energized by the good-size crowd. “We’ve been on tour the past couple of weeks, and when you’ve been playing to people who’ve never heard of you, this is really nice to see,” lead singer/guitarist Dan Scheuerman said.

Deleted Scenes second record, Young People’s Church of the Air will be released in early September on Sockets Records.

More photos from the show can be seen here.

Set List
A Litany for Mrs. T
Another Worse Cliche
City That Never Wakes Up
Mortal Sin
Ordination Day
Turn to Sand
English as a Second Language
The Days of Adderall
Fake IDs