A leftover from last week, but a good one: Sweet Tea Pumpkin Pie, the fun and scattershot and extremely perplexing two-day music festival put on by local indie rocker Dave Mann last month, is accepting submissions for the next iteration of the event, set for Columbus Day weekend.

The quickly organized first edition was free and featured more than 125 bands performing at six restaurants along the U Street NW corridor. The bands and Mann volunteered their time. The venues, mostly Ethiopian and Eritrean restaurants, also donated their space, apparently content just to draw a crowd.

Some of the music sucked. Some of it was pretty good. The cool thing: The festival had a mostly obscure roster, so I didn’t worry about managing my time. When something didn’t work for me, I moved on to the next venue, and kept doing that for hours.

Anyway: submissions! Read the press release. It’s priceless:


JUNE 13 (sic), 2011 (WASHINGTON, DC)—

If organizing a festival with 125+ bands from scratch in 60 days wasn’t crazy enough, and if doing it again 90 days later doesn’t strain credulity, then how about this: STPP main man Dave Mann is asking people to email submissions to play the fall edition of the STPP Festival. You read that right: This dude actually WANTS musicians to EMAIL him with their music, making him pretty much unique in all of what we lovingly call “the music biz” (although if you’ve followed this guy’s career you already knew he was “unique”). This is virtually a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, bands, so take advantage: send Dave links to your music at info@sweetteapumpkinpie.com by September 1st, 2011.

Btw, Eric (of The Jet Age) wrote this press release. I could never write that stuff about myself but it’s too funny not to include.

Thanks and lets put DC back on the map for music!


Dave Mann