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Fake Fugazi Rankings: Over at Click Track, David Malitz declared yesterday that 2011 is the “Year of the Fugazi Cover.” It’s not just Wugazi. The Montreal band Sunns covered “Long Division” at a show in April, and last weekend at the Pitchfork Music Festival TV on the Radio offered their version of “Waiting Room.” Oh, and then there were the obnoxiously cute covers by Buke & Gass at the Our Band Could Be Your Life anniversary party. “Let us never speak of it again,” Malitz writes.

Dangerously Delicious: Rupert Murdoch‘s testimony yesterday to the British Parliament on the newspaper phone-hacking scandal at the News Corporation was interrupted after a gallery member leaped forward with a plate full of shaving cream and tried to slam it in Murdoch’s grill. So, here’s aWashington Post trend story on pies in the face. On her pie experience, Phyllis Schlafly tells Manuel Roeg-Franzia and Monica Hesse that her assailant—an apple-tart-wielding activist named Aron Kay—was a contracted thug. “His profession is pie-throwing,” Schlafly told the Post. “He was out for hire. Obviously he was backed by the feminists.” Pie conspiracies? Awesome.

Birthday!: On its Experiment Station blog, the Phillips Collection celebrated the 177th anniversary of the birth of Edgar Degas. He’s been dead a while, so they probably didn’t have to throw a very big party, just a blog post.

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