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Click Track says it’s the “Year of the Fugazi Cover”, now that TV on the Radio‘s brilliant live rendition of “Waiting Room” at last weekend’s Pitchfork Music Festival is all over the Internet. (Full disclosure: Hearing the song’s bass intro after battling the heat all day cheered me right up.) The year is barely past the halfway mark, but David Malitz was able to assemble three strong additional examples for his, erm, argument: Sunns‘ cover of “Long Division,” Buke & Gass‘s all-Fugazi Our Band Could Be Your Life set, and the one and only Wugazi.

But there’s another recent Fugazi interpretation the Post missed: Not Playin’ (Produced by Emynd) by Stranger Day “>”Not Playin'” by Charlotte, N.C., rapper Stranger Day. For the track, Philly producer Emynd sampled Fugazi’s “Blueprint.” According to URB, Ian MacKaye cleared the sample, too.

The Fugazi part sounds a little strange when matched with Stranger Day’s rhymes about girls with “pretty tans” and turning parties out. Nevertheless, in his description for the song’s video, Stranger Day writes: “the video will show how we get down in the south (fugazi samples, moonshine, skateboarding, chicks, 71 riviera and partying!…”

Fugazi and Moonshine?! Now we’ve heard everything.

You can grab the EP Barstool Bounce for free at Stranger Day’s website.