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Seven Dirty Words: We all know the WaPo is a family newspaper that prohibits foul language in its copy. But when it comes to certain pieces—-like (my former colleague) David Malitz‘s four-letter-word-ridden interview with Psychedelic Horseshit—-the censorship policy gets a little unwieldy. Fortunately Malitz has a good attitude about it, and turns in another interesting Q&A with the band’s outspoken leader Matt Whitehurst. Of negative comments he made two years ago about the uptick in noise-pop bands, Whitehurst says, “I think they’re good people and I’m sorry that I hurt some people’s feelings. But I also meant what I said. That [expletive] was happening. I wasn’t delusional. A lot of that [expletive] was going on. Maybe that opened some people’s eyes and made them think about what they were doing.”

Rock the Casbah: If you ever wanted to know about Middle Eastern metal, Metal Chris (of DC Heavy Metal) is your dude. He recently became Metal Guy at Scene Trek, a site devoted to music scenes across the world. His first post covers Iraqi band Acrassicauda, Saudis Creative Waste, and, among others, Melechesh, an Israeli band that “was forced to relocate to Netherlands” because they were too fond of the “darker aspects of middle eastern mythology.”

Movin’ on Up: Local actor Clinton Brandhagen is totally pumped about his ten minutes on Broadway. When Terrence McNally‘s phenomenal Master Class was shipped off to the big stage, it took Brandhagen along for the ride. “It’s such a small part. There’s no reason they couldn’t have cast it up here in New York in a heartbeat,” he tells Jane Horwitz. As in last year’s Kennedy Center production, Brandhagen plays a stagehand who becomes increasingly irked by diva Maria Callas (played by a ferocious Tyne Daly). His brief time on stage is well spent.

It’s a Deal: Scoutmob, a new Living Social-y, Groupon-y venture, launched yesterday, and TBD is pretty much on board.

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