The Silver Age: The Fillmore will open in Silver Spring on Sept. 15, and the first headliner is Mary J. Blige, reports Chris Richards in today’s Post. This follows what the Post politely refers to as “years of red tape” and what I would probably term allegations of sweet-heart deals and a competitor’s lawsuit. According to the Post, the Fillmore Silver Spring website will announce some more shows today, including Black Star, Blondie, Primus, Cheap Trick, and Louis Lewis Black.

RIP Freud: The great and haunting portraitist Lucian Freud died Wednesday in London. One of the world’s best known (and most bankable) living artists, he came to the notice of American audiences with a 1987 retrospective at the Hirshhorn. The museum still has a trio of Freuds in its collection.

Scholar Back: Housing Complex has an update on George Washington University’s in-the-works Washingtoniana museum. Scholarship on D.C. could use the help: GW has devoted less and less energy to the field over the last few decades; there doesn’t seem to be a Washington Historical Studies Conference event scheduled for this year.

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