Tweeter Etiquette: Last October, I wrote this piece, which pondered whether it’s OK for theater critics to tweet their opinions of a show immediately after they see it. (My take: It is.) A debate along those lines, between some local theater critics and professionals, popped up on Twitter recently, and now Chad M. Bauman, Arena’s communications director, has a thoughtful post on the topic on his blog. He makes a few predictions about what social media means for theater in the long run. For example, he says that development of high-profile projects will increasingly take place in remote places, where tweeters are few. Good stuff. Read the whole post.

Do My Ears Not Bleed? Speaking of theater behavior, this story is about the other kind. An iPod started playing music at Thursday night’s performance of The Merchant of Venice at Shakespeare Theatre Company, and it kept going until actor Drew Cortese broke character and said, “Would someone turn that off, please?” Reliable Source has more, but I’m just wondering what the woman responsible—-who ended up leaving the theater—-was playing. Somehow, I don’t think it was Volcanic Rock, the Merchant of Venice-themed album by ’70s Australian metal dudes Buffalo, which includes such cuts as “Shylock” and “Pound of Flesh.”

Crisis in Infinite Earths: By now, you may have heard that Another Earth—-the sci-fi-ish drama opening this Friday at E Street—-was directed by a Georgetown graduate and stars another. No? Ann Hornaday‘s got you covered, with this profile of actress Brit Marling, who was this year’s breakout leading lady at Sundance. Marling co-wrote and co-produced and starred in two films that were acquired at this year’s Sundance: Another Earth, plus “Sound of My Voice.”

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