Earlier today Pennsylvania music blog Yvynl premiered a tune from D.C.’s very own Fritz Kramer, aka Long Walks on the Beach. Kramer melds jangly garage-rock with lo-fi bedroom-pop to inspire images of what it might have been like if your teenage bedroom got moved to your parents’ garage. Yet the new single, “Literally Crazy For You,” got Yvnyl’s Mark Schoneveld to recall something (or rather, someone) else: Bruce Springsteen.

It’s hard to deny that Kramer’s new jam is reminiscent of the Boss, with its cascading melodies and Kramer’s strained vocals—which sound like a steel worker after seven years on the gig (sorry, he doesn’t sound that weary). Kramer keeps his jangly guitar notes intact, which brings to mind another act that’s gotten lumped into the Springsteen-riffing crowd: The Arcade Fire. Still, there’s a lack of a certain amount of bombast in “Literally Crazy For You,” keeping that warm, intimate bedroom-pop style right at the center of the song.

“Literally Crazy For You” won’t make you literally crazy, but it’ll get your toes tapping as it worms into your head. The song will be included in Long Walks on the Beach’s forthcoming EP, Singles. If the rest of the tunes are as good as “Literally Crazy For You,” then the title will be well-earned. Until then, nab the song for free from Bandcamp as you patiently wait for the EP to drop.