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Frank Rich to Washington: Drop Dead: In conversation with his editor Adam Moss, New York columnist Frank Rich contemplates Washington’s problems in a discussion about the crisis over the federal debt ceiling on the magazine’s Daily Intel blog. But then Rich, who grew up here, gets a dig in at his hometown’s cultural offerings. “It does have far better food and many more cultural offerings than it once had (though for music, opera, dance, and arguably theater, let alone fashion, it’s still second tier — not just compared to New York and Chicago, but also, in many of these fields, to Boston, Philadelphia, L.A., Miami and San Francisco.)…the city’s signature artistic event will remain the cheesy-looking annual CBS special billed as the Kennedy Center Honors.” Jeez, Frank. Why not just punctuate your part of the conversation with #fuckyouwashington?

Flip Flop Rock: Is Outkast getting back together any time soon? Yes, David Malitz reports over at Click Track, just not in the studio. In a quick interview with Malitz at The Park on 14th on Monday, Big Boi dodged reports that André 3000 will be featured on Big Boi’s upcoming Daddy Fat Sax LP and rumors about a rumored Outkast album in 2012. But the duo are going on vacation this weekend with their families.

Code to a Grecian Urn: Get your Byzantine relics while you still can! Modern Art Notes reports that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton signed an agreement with Greece to restrict the importation of ancient Greek artifacts to the U.S. The agreement covers everything between the Stone Age and the Byzantine Empire. Maybe I can get this Palaeologan-era mosaic to Antiques Roadshow before the the treaty goes into effect. Greece has other problems to sort out first, right?

Yesterday on Arts Desk: Upcoming releases from Dischord. Office of Future Plans briefly lost electricity at Fort Reno on Monday—see them power through it.