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Hash Tag: Philippa Hughes reports from the graffiti-art panel on which she appeared earlier this week. Key wisdom: “I heard many in the audience say that they liked the ‘beautiful’ street art pieces but they didn’t like tagging and the ugly stuff.  This kind of comment makes me a little nervous for several reasons. When we’re trying to find a solution for the government to deal with graffiti, I think you start down a difficult path if you ask our govenment to judge what’s good or not good. They really do have to please everyone so you end up with something that pleases no one. Even if you put together some sort of committe, it’s just too subjective and everyone has different taste and I see this leading only to more controversy. From a city perspective, I think it’s easier to either paint over everything, or nothing at all.”

Dunder Mifflin on 16th Street: On the Theater J blog, publicist Grace Overbeke invokes The Office (“The Office: Theater J Edition”) en route to introducing some of the people involved in the theater’s upcoming production of Imagining Madoff. I sat in on a Theater J staff meeting, and to Artistic Director Ari Roth‘s credit, it was way less awkward than anything Michael Scott has led. Roth is probably more of a Stanley.

Serial Comma Killer: Paul Farhi has a sweet profile of David Minthorn, the Associated Press’ style and grammar god, who doesn’t give a fuck about your WTFs. Or something. I am still traumatized from the times that “e-mail” became “email” and “Web site” became “website.” Moral: The AP hates fuddy-duddyism, and I do not.

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