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In August 2010, Arts Desk spoke with writer-director Manan Singh Katohoraabout his upcoming film 9 Eleven. Though neither said much about the movie last year, Katohora said it would feature “the undertone of terrorism.”

But its provocative title aside, 9 Eleven is more notable for being the first Bollywood production that conducted most of its filming in the D.C. area. Katohora, a Silver Spring resident, has made low-budget, English-language features in the past, including the “cross-cultural lesbian film” When Kiran Met Karen. Katohora’s new film is in Hindi and set to be released in India later this year.

The first bit of the trailer features an English-language news broadcast about a spate of kidnappings; the rest of the trailer shows the kidnapping victims and their tormenter. And per Bollywood tradition, there is an elaborate dance number spliced throughout.