Purveyors of only the garage-iest of garage rock, Windian Records released two new singles this week. The first is actually a reissue of a classic track by Syracuse rockers The Penetrators—-whom both Ian MacKaye and Jem Cohen claim to have seen play at Fort Reno in the late ’70s. The A-side, “Gotta Have Her,” originally released in 1976, is a gem from a bygone era of earnest, grimy  guitar pop, rife with teenage yearning and partly spoken verses. Something about the song’s particularly salacious-sounding backup vocals gives the track an unexpected edge. Windian also dropped a new song by contemporary German party punks Mondo Ray, called”Hypnotized.” It’s the kind of lo-fi rock we’ve come to expect from the local label, which has clearly found traction its peculiar niche. Listen to both tracks below.

The Penetrators – Gotta Have Her

Mondo Ray – Hypnotized