D.C., Slavery Capital: Brad Pitt will produce an adaptation of Twelve Years a Slave, the memoir of Solomon Northrup, a free black man who was captured in D.C. and sold into slavery in 1841. The memoirs, while fascinating all around, also offer perspective on D.C.’s history as a hub of the slave trade: Before he’s shipped to Louisiana, Northrup describes “a slave pen within the very shadow of the Capitol.” Brit actor Chiwetel Ejiofor has been cast to play Northrup and Steve McQueen will direct.

Close to Home: The Washington Post points out that Holly Twyford‘s directorial debut Stop Kiss, about a lesbian couple victimized by a hate crime, eerily parallels the recent anti-gay violence in Columbia Heights.

Oh, Jeez: Svetlana Legetic, co-founder of Brightest Young Things, is the subject of a gushing interview on Forbes.com. Author Leslie Bradshaw calls Legetic  “mesmerizing” and her knowledge of D.C. culture “un-surpassed [sic],” and refers to her website and promotion business as a “media empire.” Bradshaw also seems a little too amazed that women are capable of starting successful businesses. But this fairly lame interview does yield one interesting tidbit: Legetic says her grandmother was principal of the oldest prep school in Serbia.

It’s Gonna be Crazy, but: The Root published a useful listing of events surrounding the opening of the MLK Memorial next week.

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