Inside the White Cube: WaPo‘s Sunday arts sections profiles local big-deal art collectors Daniel and Mirella Levinas, whose Georgetown mansion contains tons of important contemporary works (León Ferrari, Matthew Barney) and even some local ones, like Dan Steinhilber. Various local gallerists and curators praise the couple’s keen eye, but Modern Art Notes blogger Tyler Green calls bullshit. Last night, he tweeted: “Man bites dog = rich people collect art, people reliant on their $$ say they’re GREAT!”

Dropping the Bomb: CNN discovers go-go! A short segment aired over the weekend (h/t TMOTTGoGO), which you can watch here. There are interviews with Chuck Brown and Donnie Simpson and some fans, which makes it a primer at best. The absence of other early titans of go-go (Rare Essence, Trouble Funk, E.U., Junk Yard, etc.) is regrettable; so is its ignorance of go-go as a living form (with young groups and young fans), and not a museum piece (it seems to feature only “grown and sexy” gigs).

Critical Sendoff: Local critic Bob Anthony, who wrote at and edited the site AllArtsReview4U, died Saturday of respiratory failure. Maryland Theatre Guide’s Joel Markowitz pens a tribute: “He would never let you forget that he could have done it better and that he had the experience to prove it – but at the same time – he would pat you on the back if he admired your work.”

New Blog Alert: The Folger Shakespeare Library has a new blog about its scholarship—-The Collation.

Today on Arts Desk: The Washington Performing Arts Society’s new season; fun with BLK w/ Bear.