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It’s still quite possible that Wale is full of shit. And Rick Ross is almost certainly full of shit. But together they might’ve made the Sleeper Hit of the Summer, at least around the DMV way. A completely unscientific sampling of the WPGC and WKYS playlists* reveals the slinky “That Way” to be inescapable, and the song is summery as hell. Beyond the Lex Luger beat—which has an endless bottom, an abstractly Latin rhythm, and some nice piano and chime flourishes—Wale’s rap is the selling point: Cap’n Waldorf is 100 percent believable when he rhymes about how integrates his appetite for females into the airport-to-airport side of his life: “I know I’m-a always leave ’em/But I swear I always love ’em/Tell her, ‘you’ll probably find someone but you’ll never find another.'” The hook sung by Jeremih is flimsy, but it works, and Ross’s lazy-ass feature** doesn’t ruin the song. And it should be noted that Wale admirably leaves the sports metaphors*** back in the game room. Or maybe he didn’t want to bore the ladies.

* Miguel’s “Quickie” and Rihanna’s “Man Down” probably got more overall spins, but  we’re talkin’ about the sleeper hit here, and there isn’t anything sneaky, subtle, or underdog about those two tracks.

** Ramirez and Moore like Ross’ rap more than I do. I still think Ross should shut up about the Givenchy and Cartier and talk about grooming his beard or some shit like that.

*** First time I heard him say “Seattle,” I was like, “Sigh, here comes a Shawn Kemp reference.” But it did not happen.