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At last, parenting advice from the post-hardcore scene! That’s the gist we’re getting from a new compilation from Rad Dad, a child-rearing zine that tries to “explore parenting as political territory.” The new book, Rad Dad: Dispatches from the Frontiers of Fatherhood, contains anecdotes and advice from the likes of Ian MacKaye, Mark Andersen,Ta-Nehisi Coates, and about two dozen more writers and artists. Arts Desk came up empty after conducting a semi-exhaustive search for MacKaye’s contributions, though some examples of the wisdom imparted by this collective of hip fathers are pretty engaging. In a February post on the Rad Dad blog, the zine’s editor, Tomas Moniz, recounted using the story of Chris Brown and Rihanna as a teachable moment about domestic violence.

The Rad Dad collection sells for $15 and is available online, though the zine is going on tour, including a stop at a Positive Force event on Sept. 23.

In the mean time, yesterday’s New York Times magazine closed with some rock-dad memories from ex-Chavez and Bullet LaVolta guitarist Clay Tarver, who tried to hide his musical past from his young sons, at least until Matador recalled Chavez for the label’s 21st anniversary celebration in Las Vegas. Turns out the kids, even at seven years old, knew all along. Tarver’s lesson: Fathers, don’t hide your rambunctious salad days from your children. (Though the economist and Rad Dad contributor Raj Patel might be an exception.)