Stephen’s Scars: David Malitz aggregates an ode to Stephen Malkmus’ wisdom. Important: “I play in a softball league here in Portland. It’s pretty serious, too, for a bunch of non-athletic people. I’m not good or anything. It’s just easy to hit the softball. It’s so big.”

Colonial Ripper: Girl Talk continues to play the college circuit. If Girl Talk is your thing, TBD advises you to latch yourself onto a George Washington University student to see Greg Gillis do his mash-up business for free on Sept. 4.

Historically Accurate: The dedication of the Martin Luther King Jr. memorial has been canceled given the threat Hurricane Irene has deigned to impose. But Arts Post has a few notes on “music of the movement,” including “He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands” and “People Get Ready,” if you want to set the mood regardless.

Yesterday on Arts Desk: Earthquake-imposed Smithsonian shakeup! Sunday Jazz Lounge: no longer a thing!