“We grew up in vastly divergent places, but we all grew up with the disco sound ingrained deeply,” says Wisconsin native Will Eastman, one third of local production team Volta Bureau (mentioned on this blog a couple times recently). The trio, which includes Philippines-born Micah Vellian (Miguel Lacsamana) and New York-born Outputmessage (Bernard Farley), kicks off a busy fall schedule with a DJ set at Eastman’s club, U Street Music Hall, this Saturday. Original headliner Gui Boratto postponed due to visa problems.

Volta Bureau usually works with a BPM between 114 and 120, a range familiar to fans of nu-disco. On his Jack mix, released earlier this week, Eastman slowed classic house cuts down to that range. The mix includes a slowed-down version of John Tejada‘s “Sweat (On The Walls),” Nadastrom‘s remix of  Laidback Luke and Diplo‘s “Hey,” and of course, Volta Bureau’s track “Hope.” In this format, says Eastman, “There’s more space for the bass to breathe, more room for the melodies.”

Volta Bureau makes its live debut October 8 at Artisphere’s first anniversary party. “We all DJ and love it, but Volta Bureau’s live performance is also at the top of our agenda right now,” says Eastman. “I’m excited for what we can become as a live group.”

Jack DJ Mix by Will Eastman