Star Wars fans are a notoriously aggrieved bunch. And for good measure—sequels, rereleases, and an intellectually fickle creator will do that to you. Some of them have even made their own movies about their plight, and those movies in turn have received special fêtes at important local film festivals during which theobsessives can play with toy lightsabers and argue over who shot first. (Spoiler alert: I don’t care.)

But earlier this week, it was discovered that ahead of the Blu-ray issue of the Star Wars series, George Lucas has made even more revisions to his constantly reworked hexalogy. Something about Darth Vader belching out a defiant yawp before tossing the Emperor to his death in Return of the Jedi and a banshee scream the science fiction blog io9 compared to the sound of “Walrus Man barfing.”

Naturally, the nerds revolted. But this time around, they took to Twitter, where the hashtag #StarWarsBlurayChanges shot up the trending topics as Star Wars originalists, clinging to their sacred text as vociferously as Justice Clarence Thomas does to 18th-century legal traditions, protested the latest alterations. But they’ll probably get over it soon enough—as younger Star Wars fans emerge, they’ll do so having grown up with the newer versions and as the older fans can’t break themselves from the addictive fount that is Lucasfilm, they’ll eventually accept it. After all, what good is owning a shiny, expensive Blu-ray player if you can’t watch Star Wars on it?

In Kubler-Ross terms, the evolution will probably look something like this:

Illustration by Brooke Hatfield