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With all that she’s achieved this past year, one would understand if Carolyn Malachi had gone full-blown diva. Her song “Orion,” a romantic love story between an astronaut and a mermaid, was nominated for a Grammy last year in the now-defunct Best Urban/Alternative Performance category.

As a result of the nomination, Malachi embarked upon a media blitz, which included some face time on the red carpet, a headlining performance at Carter Barron, and great coverage from a certain D.C.-based newspaper. Not bad for the singer, whose debut album was released just two years ago.

Malachi’s new song, “Beautiful Dreamer,” is the inspirational lead single from her forthcoming album of the same name. “It’s a never-ending story, dying for the glory, living through the pain,” she sings over piano keys and an Afro-Caribbean rhythm.

On the song’s 10-minute extended mix, she plays the background, letting the music swell behind pianist Vahagn Stepanyan, flutist Trey Eley, and others, before she finally comes in near the eight-minute mark. The lyrics, which Malachi began writing in October, “started as a pep talk to myself,” she says. “You want something so bad, then when it doesn’t happen, you get down on yourself.” The song, she continues, is about staying the course when times get rough.

Below is the video for the album version of “Beautiful Dreamer.” In it, Malachi plays the role of guardian angel, helping 9-year-old Niya Bell believe in herself when bullies put her down for making a good grade in school. Malachi will soon release her very own iPhone app. Then, “Beautiful Dreamer” will be available on iTunes on Oct. 7.