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The MC wears a three-piece, the producer wears a two-piece.

D.C. legend Black Indian told us this summer that his Judah-produced comeback I Tried to Tell You would sound grown-up but not totally old-ass, and he was right. The 14-track mixtape is a cohesive, professional statement from a dude who decided emphatically not to let his legacy wither. He generally sticks to three themes: 1) Black Indian still should not be fucked with (“I’m Back,” “I’m A Vet,” “On My Shit”). 2) Things are nastier than ever out there, so keep your guard up (“Amen,” “Cocaine,” “N.W.O.”). 3) A man’s tastes and perspectives must evolve (“She Compliments Me,” “Suited Up,” “Dedicate”). Overall, Judah’s production tilts toward the classy and the jazzy, but the songs in category No. 1 do tend to have a synth-heavy, modern-day DMV disposition—-and Black’s big-boned flow doesn’t sound out of place. And, believe it or not, the history-lesson skits are essential. (Fat Rodney, R.I.P., gets his shout-outs.)

Get the music here (via Hulkshare).