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Creating Fortune

With no perceptible thematic similarities, this program doesn’t cater to any particular film-lover, but there’s no true stinker in the bunch. Sweetness and Art, shot here, is too much a rehash of Food Network programming. But beyond that, Showcase 7 boasts a few pleasurable dramas and a couple very funny comedies. Shows Sunday at 4 p.m. and Thursday at 9 p.m. at E Street Cinema.

The Foot Soldier A door-to-door salesman with a predilection for self-mutilation is saved by a transgender housewife and a jar of holy foot cream.
Creating Fortune When a dejected screenwriter attempts to kill the studio exec who ruined his life, he’s awesomely thwarted by an antihero of his own creation.
Last Seen on Dolores Street In this micro-short with only one line of dialogue, people keep going missing on a shady strip known as Dolores Street. A seemingly harmless dog-lover may hold the reason why.
Restare Uniti (Stick Together) A drama about an Italian boy living with his mother in Australia during World War II, this film sheds light on a period of history probably not well known outside Australia: the country’s massive internment of “enemy aliens” living within its borders in wartime. After a scary encounter with a posse of local doofs, Gianni is snatched up and tossed in a van destined for the Harvey internment camp.

Sweetness and Art A local documentary about artful cake-making that will appeal to anyone who relished sitting through a whole episode of Ace of Cakes.
Denmark A steampunky puppet film starring an adorable underwater creature named Pily who builds a rocket to escape his increasingly toxic domain. It’s a little tough to understand on first viewing, but the puppeteering and soundtrack are instant draws.
Insustentvel (Unsustainable) A fairly engrossing documentary about the causes of food waste in Brazil. Alongside alarming footage of unsold fruit and vegetables being swept from a central market like beer bottles after a rock festival, the film explains the various legal restrictions that prevent culinary schools, restaurants, and shops from donating food.
Interview Date A job-seeker and an internet-dater wind up at the wrong appointments, and classic mix-up hilarity ensues. Especially when the job interviewer says “I do have a couple of holes we’re trying to fill.”