Not in Miami: Sonic Circuits kicks off today with a pre-festival fundraiser at MiG Bar. Performing is something called Slut Walk, which has nothing to do with the activist-y Slut Walk. Anyway, Sonic Circuits, the festival, runs through this Sunday and will feature artists (mostly local, but not entirely) that skew toward the experimental, as well as public-space projects like the “Silver Spring Sound Machine,” described as such: “Public collective creation/construction/performance of a large rolling sound sculpture/junk instrument. Bring resonant objects, fishing line, twine, scrap wood, rubber bands, cheap battery powered cassette recorders, hinges, pulleys, percussion mallets, screwdrivers, children, friends, etc. Afterwards we will drive/ride/push/play this thing around the neighborhood.”

Hail, Etc.: TBD checks in on WPGC 95.5 FM’s tradition of Redskins-specific remixes. Short version: They’re still happening.

Guilty Pleasures: Phil Elverum sometimes does fun stuff like sing karaoke versions of Lil Wayne’s “Got Money” (as opposed to melancholy stuff like being in The Microphones); people catch him in the act and upload the evidence to YouTube.

Yesterday on Arts Desk: Bluebrain’s “Living House,” explored! Bethesda’s former Fraser Gallery space soon to be home to a county-backed art gallery! More D.C. shorts!