Last week we posted True Womanhood‘s new space-age, dancehall-ready track “Sympathy,” which the formerly-of-D.C. electronic band recorded over the summer. When the song came our way, singer Thomas Redmond was ecstatic to announce that the new song would be getting a remix by the English post-punk band Clinic.

Well, here it is, and it’s a jangly, effects-heavy collision of the original track and Clinic’s mix of exotic noises, sweet chimes, and fuzzy sound waves. Not that the staccato xylophones, pedaled guitar blasts, and avalanches of static would seem out of place on the British outfit’s early albums like Internal Wrangler or their self-titled debut. It’s almost a blend of the new, fully electronic True Womanhood, and the band’s old incarnation as a moody, scuzzed-out stormfront. Perhaps Clinic immersed themselves in True Womanood’s back catalog of songs like “Magic Child” and “Dignitas.”

Sympathy (Clinic Remix) by truewomanhood