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White Cube in an English Basement: The Washington Post looks at some of the District’s more interesting gallery spaces—-private homes. Take, for example, Porch Projects in Capitol Hill and artist Judy Byron’s home in Mount Pleasant and enthusiast Ray Hennessy’s home in Trinidad. Three = trend! But, yes, yes, D.C. doesn’t have enough opportunities for artists to show their art, so it’s good that people are lending their basements and living rooms to the cause.

Expensive Shit: Rebecca J. Ritzel, frequently of this paper, talks to hotshot choreographer Bill T. Jones about his Fela!, the Afrobeat musical currently onstage at the Harman. On finding the right musicians, Jones says: “All of the musicians that we had in New York were in the Circle of Antibalas. They were leaders in the Afrobeat revival movement. In London, they tried that—just bringing in pit players—they brought in some really seasoned musicians. But there’s something about how you play a cowbell. Or the way you play the shekere. Afrobeat is it’s own thing; it’s not Latin jazz, it’s not Afro-Jazz. There’s a sensibility and a touch. You can learn it, if you are open to it, but it’s not so easy as people think.”

Not Necessarily Expensive Shit: Subscriptions at Arena Stage are not plummeting! In fact, they’re on the rise. The company’s marketing director Chad Bauman explains.

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