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HuffPost Says Move!: D.C. concert crowds don’t dance enough, writes Huffington Post DC blogger Ben E. Kessler. Wait, what? Kessler, whose bio page says he works on food safety policy when not trying to incite mosh pits, says that if “shaking dance floors and balconies isn’t in the cards for us just yet, there are some things we can try.” Like mosh pits and jumping into each other, he writes in the next paragraph. Kessler is also afraid of David Yow. Fair enough, but if Kessler is half the concertgoer he claims to be on his Tumblr site, it’s hard to believe he’s never seen people dance at a D.C. show. Or even barreled into Pat Walsh at a St. Stephen’s Church show.

Wale, NBA Frontrunner: While visiting the sprawling campus of ESPN in Bristol, Conn. yesterday to film the video for the track “Barry Sanders,” Wale dropped by the set of First Take, a daily yak-fest on the sports network, TBD’s Sarah Godfrey observes. The DMV-native MC got into a row over the lack of championships won by Miami Heat small forward and NBA supervillain LeBron James. Wale’s take: Getting to the NBA Finals, as James has done with both the Cleveland Cavaliers and Heat, is worthy even if your team doesn’t win. Everyone else’s take: No. Take it from a Yankee fan, Mr. Folarin. When your team spends that much on overpriced talent, just getting to the finals doesn’t mean shit unless they win the whole thing.

Qwickshark: Sure, maybe Netflix lost its deal with Starz and totally punted on how to separate its DVD-by-mail business from its online streaming service, but the news isn’t all bad. (Unless you own Netflix stock.) This morning, Silver Spring-based Discovery Communications announced it’s adding more of its content to Netflix’s streaming video library. No more Party Down? That sucks. But there’ll be plenty of Toddlers & Tiaras.

Yesterday on Arts Desk: Gaurav Gopalan’s death ruled a homicideArt fair shuttle. WTF is the deal with thirst DC?