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If you’ve seen DJ Stereo Faith spin, you know he’s a straightforward party starter who keeps it cool no matter where he’s spinning. But when he opened last Friday for Peter Hook and the Light—-the latest project from the former Joy Division and New Order bassist—-he got uncharacteristically nervous, he says. No wonder: “Joy Division’s my all-time-favorite band,” writes Stereo Faith, aka Steve McPherson.

At the show, Stereo Faith’s DJ set was heavy on post-punk, including many of Joy Division’s early-’80s peers. (You can listen to the set on Soundcloud.) The devotion did not go unappreciated.

“When it was all said and done, I tried to sneak out of the club without talking to the bass player of what I consider to be the best band ever,” writes Stereo Faith. Hook grabbed Stereo Faith before he could make a quiet exit. According to Stereo Faith, the conversation went like this:

Peter: You were the DJ right?
Me: Yeah.
Peter: That was great!
Me: Thanks.
Peter: I’m sitting here with the band and I go “This is great!”
Me: Cool.
Peter: You also played a Revenge song. F**king excellent man! I heard it and was all like “I know this song.” Then I realized “I f**king wrote it!”
Me: Ha! I know, bro. (Yes, I bro’d him. Ask anyone who was standing there.)

Then he signed “Keep the Faith” for me on a piece of paper and I got the hell out of there.

Stereo Faith Live at 930 Club 9-21-2011 by djstereofaith