Connoisseurs of The Sleigher know D.C. Ty the Monster and Lady Moet Beast as progenitors of the awesomest DMV Christmas song ever, but a more accurate title might be “the DMV’s most unpredictable rap squad.” The Southeast-based husband-wife duo, which runs the Draztick Measurez label, is now pushing what it calls “crudd rock.” For Ty, it means playing some electric-guitar riffs, shoving them through a MIDI controller and Logic 9 software, cranking that shit up, and growling (rather melodically) about somebody who is obviously an emotional sinkhole. For the Lady, it means a relatively grown-and-sexy beat, some cocky lyrics, and a chorus that she screams, surprisingly, with all the throat-scalding aggression of a death-metal chick. Here’s “Colder” by Ty and “Candy Lady” by the Lady:

Ty says “Colder” will be on his upcoming album, 11 Eleven.

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