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I’ve had plenty of kind words before for The Caribbean and More Humans, two partially-based-in-D.C. bands that make lyrical, disquieting story pop. Good news: The Jarvik 6 is a new collaboration between two of their members—-Caribbean’s Matthew Byars and More Humans’ Clinton Doggett—-and its first song is a Guided by Voices cover, “Learning to Hunt.”

This is actually kind of novel: a lo-fi-ish take on a song from the famously lo-fi band’s polished later period. The original, from the 1997 album Mag Earwhig!, is one of the few GbV songs you might call pretty. Jarvik 6’s take is also low-key, but I think I prefer it its sinewy squeaks and brittle piano over the original’s spacey remove. Download it on Soundcloud, or stream it above.

In other Caribbean news: The group has a new fan-funded 7-inch on Scioto Records, and you can stream the A-side here.

More Humans, meanwhile, are releasing a 10-inch version of their excellent Demon Station EP later this month on locals Cricket Cemetery Records. They celebrate the release Nov. 5 at St. Stephens Church with Greenland, Breakfast in Fur, and Shark Week.