Poetry No Longer in Motion: TBD’s Jenny Rogers talks to area poets about Pretty Face, a local poet and noted performer who’s going on hiatus for a while. After 15 years performing at venues around town, the 45-year-old artist has decided to focus on his literary career and invest more time in his band, Sexy People Club.

Cosby Alert: WaPo contributor Allison Stewart rounds up the ugliest sweaters of rap/pop star Drake. Some of them are pretty bad, fair enough. But I dig that handsome burgundy one. And Justin Bieber‘s white blazer á la Don Johnson is worse than any Cosby sweater.

Spillover: Fiesta D.C. is considering moving to Columbia Heights, because Mount Pleasant is too small.

A Capital Issue: In his new book, Who’s Afraid of Post-Blackness?, commentator Touré—-who spoke at Busboys & Poets on 14th Street  last night—-doesn’t capitalize “white,” but he capitalizes “black.” His reasoning: “I believe ‘Black’ constitutes a group, an ethnicity equivalent to African-American, Negro, or, in terms of a sense of ethnic cohesion, Irish, Polish, or Chinese. I don’t believe that whiteness merits the same treatment.” Via DCentric.

It’s A Family Affair: Ken and Jeannie Veltz used to be in Cecilia, their family band that, once upon a time, was signed to a major label and primed to blow up. That didn’t work out. So the grandparents sold their Vienna home, put their stuff in storage, and hit the road.

Whoa: The 2012 National Cherry Blossom Festival poster, designed by Peter Max, is a trip.