Not Edited in iPhoto: A 1982 photograph of later Apple leader Steve Jobs is now hanging in the National Portrait Gallery, writes Maura Judkis on Arts Post. The image finds Jobs standing above atop the logo of the company he co-founded. You can find it on the first floor of the museum. If you visit it as a shrine, do try to be more respectful than these people.

Art Choices: A bill introduced in Congress would allow for D.C. and U.S. territories like Puerto Rico and Guam to install one statue in Congress, reports D.C. Wire. This isn’t the first time such a measure has come up, and so D.C. actually has two statues prepared—-one of Frederick Douglass and one of Pierre L’Enfant—-because that’s how many statues each of the 50 states already has there. If the current measure passes, D.C. has a tough choice to make. In other statue news: Frank Gehry is taking heat on two fronts for his avant-garde design for an Eisenhower Memorial on the National Mall.

Step by Dubstep: Bass/dubstep producer Martyn is based in the D.C. area, and he got a pretty nice review in Pitchfork today for his new album.

Stay Loose: At TBD, Andrew Beaujon has a lovely profile of Ty Unglebower, whom I wish could have inspired a sketch on The State and been portrayed by Thomas Lennon. Unglebower is a stalwart of local community theater, keeps a blog on the topic and a regular column for, and says things like this: “[A]ll volunteers should behave as though they are in a community…You know the stage needs to be swept before every show. You know where the broom is. If you aren’t in costume yet, get sweeping.”

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