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Your next seven days should be filled with laughter. The following could help.

Friday, October 7: Chris Tucker at D.A.R. Constitution Hall
Is he crazy? Is this going to be good? Can anyone verify that Chris Tucker hasn’t completely lost his mind? He’s rejected multimillion dollar film roles, choosing to only star in movies with Jackie Chan because the public can’t get enough Jackie Chan. The last time most people saw Tucker on television was during the Katrina benefit. He’s pretty much disappeared and is going back to what made him famous: stand-up comedy. The YouTube clips I found from Tucker’s recent appearances don’t offer much insight—-they include a lot of Michael Jackson impressions and Michael Jackson dancing and other things Michael Jackson did. I guess if you like Michael Jackson, Tucker is good. 7:30 p.m. and 10:30pm, $54-$123.50 (you can also buy a t-shirt if you purchase tickets via Ticketmaster!).

Saturday, October 8: Fall Into Wit at Source
The Washington Improv Theater, the only long-form improv theater in D.C., wraps up its fall season with two shows on Saturday. Both feature three different troupes performing an original work. What makes the performance even more appealing is the very generous ticket offer. When you enter code 2X4 at checkout, you get buy-two-get-four tickets. If you’re stuck with some out-of-towners and want to take them somewhere that’s not a bar or club, this could be for you. Also October 7 at 8 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. $12.

Sunday, October 9: Dick Gregory’s 80s Birthday Celebration at Riot Act
Dick Gregory—-one of this week’s critic’s picks—- is a comedy legend. There’s no debate about the importance and influence of comic, satirist, commentator, etc. He’s changed the way comedy audiences look at race over the last 60 years. He’s also fine with saying things that most people would dismiss as crazy. He’ll make a salient point and follow it up with nonsensical rants that are praised as deep. They’re not. Regardless, the man sticks to his guns, for better or worse, and it’s probably why he’s still able to draw a crowd at 80. $25, 7 p.m., 18+.

Tuesday, October 11: Har Mar Superstar at Black Cat
This is still a thing? I remember seeing Har Mar after the release of his first major label lp in 2003 and people were telling me then that it was over. They were wrong? Har Mar has been doing the “I’m fat but I don’t care so I’m going to dance around in my underwear and pretty young ladies will let me participate in sexual acts” schtick for well over a decade. Good for him? The music isn’t awful, and if you’re open to disgusting things masked as progressive things, you’ll enjoy a Har Mar performance. After all this time I’m still not sure if it’s comedy. 8 p.m. $12, all ages.

Thursday, October 13: UMD 2011 Homecoming Comedy Show featuring Aziz Ansari at Cole Field House
Aziz recorded his forthcoming album in D.C. last spring. He obviously likes the town and is getting better with each year of performing. He’s reached an odd level of popularity. Most folks know him as Tom on Parks and Recreaction or that guy that had that scene in that comedy, but what was the name of that movie? His standup is partially influenced by all that stuff but he also tells pretty good, family-based stories that would usually come from someone 20 years his senior. Another reason I recommend this show is because it’s part of homecoming. If you haven’t been to a college stand-up show, go. They’re surreal. People are either sober or wasted from smuggled-in booze. Unrelated punchlines will be shouted aloud. An unseasoned 20-year-old student will probably open, bomb and tell all their friends for the next five years how awesome Aziz is and how they’re going to hang out in L.A. Go for the opener alone. 6:30 p.m, all ages.